Wizo Helping Children

Nurturing, Encouraging, and Teaching Preschools

WIZO nurtures, encourages and teaches children through Day Care Centers, Special Centers for children at risk, emergency frameworks and after school therapeutic centers.

WIZO has become Israel’s leading organization for early childhood care and education, with a special emphasis on children at risk.

WIZO’s main goals for children are

[icon name=”check”] To provide the best age-appropriate education while taking into consideration the unique variables of each child’s surroundings, as well as providing innovative programs for children at risk.
[icon name=”check”] To give young families the tools to improve their quality of life, strengthen their parenting abilities, ensure family welfare and give them tools for personal growth.
[icon name=”check”] To strengthen Israeli society by enabling more young parents to enter the workforce, especially women, and to create a leading, affordable and universal education system that ensures that each child will have equal opportunities.

To achieve these goals WIZO operates

Day Care Centers: WIZO’s 183 day care centers countrywide offer much more than childcare to over 15,000 babies and toddlers. Each center is run by professional staff that provides emotional and developmental support to each child. WIZO creates a warm and secure environment in which the children thrive. Some of our day care centers operate in public institutions such as hospitals and universities so as to enable professional working mothers to build careers.



Emergency Frameworks &









WIZO Florida Sponsors the Following Day Care Centers

The Day Care Center

Hadassah Hospital

The WIZO Day Care Center at the Hadassah Hospital supports the employees of the hospital which accepts infants as young as three months old. This center allows parents to work at the hospital while their children are well taken care of at the center. During a national emergency, the center remains open for 24 hours to service the extraordinary needs of the hospital staff.

Pilavin Gates Day Care Center

Rishon Le’Zion

Israel’s fourth largest city. The city is a low income area with a high rate of unemployment. Rishon Le Zion is also home to a significant immigrant population from the former Soviet Union.

The Falic Family Day Care Center

Maale Adumim, Jerusalem

Located in an area populated by families with both parents typically working outside of the city. Many of the parents work for the Police, the IDF or the Israeli Prison Services.

The Mercedes and Menahem Ivcher Day Care Center

Mashtela, Tel Aviv

Israel’s fourth largest city. The city is a low income area with a high rate of unemployment. Rishon Le Zion is also home to a significant immigrant population from the former Soviet Union.

Day Care for Children At Risk: WIZO operates “multipurpose” day care centers that cater to children from families under the care of the welfare authorities, and offers full day programs from 7AM- 7PM. Here, infants and toddlers receive the care that they do not get at home, including proper nutrition, attention, cognitive stimulation and encouragement. The parents are given therapy as well as parenting classes so they may better care for their children. WIZO’s goal is to empower parents to care for their children and to prevent the removal of the children to foster care.

WIZO Emergency Frameworks and Foster Homes: For children at high risk who have been exposed to neglect and abuse, WIZO provides both short and long-term protection and care in homes with parents dedicated to raising them. The children are given security, counselling, and support. Each has an individual rehabilitation program that addresses his physical and emotional trauma.

Other activities in the community: WIZO holds strong ties with many municipalities and communities and operates various “tailor made” projects for a specific need.

Some of Our Projects Include…

Parents Help Line: Free of charge advisory call center for parents of young children- In order to assist parents to best care for their children WIZO runs a free advisory call center for parents who need help or counselling on parenting difficulties. The only one of its kind in Israel, the center is staffed by professionals who volunteer their time.

The Early Childhood Center in Be’er Sheva: This center was established in 1989, and its mission is to promote the social, emotional and cognitive abilities of children up to the age of six. The center invests many resources in developing and promoting educational and intervention programs for infants, children and their families. Also on the premises is a “multipurpose” day center as well as a resource center for families and professionals.

The Open House in Sderot: the ‘Open House’ aims to identify and treat children with health, developmental and environmental difficulties, as well as children and their families who are in a state of distress and anxiety due to the security situation, and to provide parents with advice, training and empowerment.

From risk to opportunity: This program successfully integrates children with special needs into WIZO’s day care centers. The children receive individual support from assistant caregivers and therapists. Following the success of this program, WIZO, in conjunction with ALUT – the society for children with autism in Israel, integrated “Alutaf” – classes for infants with autism at some of WIZO’s day care centers.