The WIZO Mission

WIZO – The Women’s International Zionist Organization, a nonparty/apolitical international movement recognized by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization with consultative status on key international organizations such as ECOSOC and UNICEF, is dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare for all sectors of Israeli society, and encouragement of Jewish education in Israel and in the Diaspora.

WIZO USA is dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, the education and welfare of children, the care of the elderly, and the protection of the most vulnerable members of Israeli society.

WIZO Florida strengthens the bond between Israel and American Jewry by promoting Jewish identity and education. WIZO is vital in supporting and preserving a successful Jewish State.

Our Goals

The goals are simple. The intent is pure. The outcome? Magical. Life-changing. Awe-inspiring.

By working tirelessly to change the lives of women, children, and youth in Israel every single day – we, in turn, are rewarded with the motivation to do more, give more, and set an example for the world to follow.


To provide for the welfare of infants, children, youth, women and the elderly in Israel.


To advance the status of women in Israel.


To strengthen the bond between world Jewry and the State of Israel.


To support the absorption of new immigrants in Israel.

WIZO’s History

Established in Great Britain in 1920, the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) is a nonprofit organization of members in over 50 countries working together to improve the lives of women, children and the elderly living in Israel. Next, to the Israeli government, WIZO is the largest provider of social welfare services in the country.

As a powerful voice for all Jewish women, in 1959 WIZO was recognized by the United Nations as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and was the first Zionist organization granted consultative status at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

About WIZO

WIZO was founded in direct response to the needs of women and children in Israel. Today, WIZO continues to identify the needs of Israeli society and creates solutions to meet them. Now 250,000 members strong, WIZO is the main agent of change for women, children, and youth in Israel.

  • Established and run by women, WIZO’s goal is to strengthen women and their families in Israel.
  • It spans five continents and four generations as one of the largest women’s networks in the world.
  • It strengthens the connection with global Jewish communities by working together for a stronger Israel.
  • It is supported by over 250,000 volunteers in 50 federations worldwide, with tens of thousands of volunteers in Israel.

Our Vision

A Zionistic, humanistic Israeli society based on equal opportunities, focused on education and welfare for women children and youth, in cooperation with the Jewish Diaspora.