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Since its inception, the women of WIZO have stood for women’s rights and helped women in all levels of society. Adapting to emergent needs, our social efforts today specifically target women living with violence, single mothers and teenage girls at risk, all while developing young vibrant social women leaders.


WIZO provides opportunity, security and equality for women by offering programs for women empowerment, legal aid centers, support groups for single parents, and a safe haven for battered women in shelters.

WIZO’s main goals for WOMEN are:

• To empower women across Israel.
• To raise the number of women in positions of power and influence.
• To promote policies and legislation that aim to achieve gender equality.
• To reduce violence in Israeli society.

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To achieve these goals WIZO operates…

Empowerment & Leadership Programs for Women and Girls

WIZO runs programs for single mothers, battered women and girls at risk in difficult situations. These programs empower them to lead independent and stable lives. On the other end of the spectrum, WIZO holds courses and workshops in community leadership and politics for those who exhibit leadership qualities and ambitions. Through these courses, women and girls develop their skills and bring improvements to their communities.

Legal Aid and Advice

WIZO offers legal aid and advice in WIZO branches, in online forums, and through a help line, all staffed by volunteer professionals. Areas of advice include sexual harassment, rights of women at work, and family law.

Legislation and Policy

Since the first Knesset, WIZO has had a representative on various government committees. WIZO continues to play a significant role in discussions, initiatives and legislation, which impacts the status of women and women’s rights to this day.

Reducing and Treating Domestic Violence

WIZO runs two Battered Women’s Shelters in a protected and secluded environment for women and their children and prepares them for independent and violence-free lives.  WIZO also operates Centers for the Prevention of Violence where families come for treatment while staying together and a Help Line for Violent Men seeking assistance.

WIZO USA sponsors the following PROJECTS:

Battered Women Shelters
Jerusalem & Ashdod

There are at least 200,000 women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse in Israel. They and their children are not safe in their own homes and most of them have nowhere to go. WIZO runs two shelters to provide a safe and secluded environment for battered women and their children.

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The Janet Burros Center

Domestic violence often destroys families. But it doesn’t have to. When the family can be helped and the abuser rehabilitated, WIZO steps in. This not only saves the family, but it prevents the abuse from continuing to the next generation.

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Hot Line for Men
Janet Burros Center

It is estimated that there are 200,000 battered women and 600,000 children who are exposed to domestic violence in Israel. Most programs that aim to reduce domestic violence focus on removing the wife and children from the home. WIZO believes that it is possible to reduce domestic violence by treating the violent person himself and we are dedicated to doing so.

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Some of the PROGRAMS available for WOMEN are:

Being Parents Program

Parents of children aged 3-6 coming from disadvantaged populations are provided with training in emotional, cognitive and literacy development for their children. This guides them to address common challenges such as sleep problems, toilet training, transitions, setting boundaries, and children in the smartphone age.

Vocational Training for Women in Shelters

Comprehensive workshops teach battered women in shelters vocational skills in order to become financially independent after leaving the shelter. Women are matched with a trade or profession to suit their skills. Developing responsible work habits, proper conduct with employers and strengthening self-image in the workplace are integral aspects of the program.

Program for Women undergoing Separation and Divorce

Dedicated to impoverished women with low income, who are often without a supporting family, this program provides a wide variety of services and support, including legal assistance, group therapy, and financial and occupational counseling.

First Time Parents Program

An innovative pro-active program, “First Time Parents” strives to empower first time young mothers, and to aid them in obtaining access to existing support services, available in the community. The program provides much needed tools and creates a support network of mothers, councilors, caregivers and professionals to offer support to the mothers from the moment they detect their pregnancy, throughout the entire first year of the child’s life. It mainly targets new immigrants from underprivileged populations as well as young women with no family support.

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