WIZO Florida is comprised of 12 diverse and active chapters. Our chapters are geared to age groups, location or interests. We are very proud to offer something for everyone, from teenagers, families with young children to Baby boomers as well as our original founding group which is still very much the backbone of WIZO. Our chapters are located throughout South Florida currently serving South Miami through Palm Beach County. Watch us grow throughout the state! Let us know if you want to be part of WIZO and live anywhere in Florida! We invite you to learn more about our chapters and join us!



We are a group of young professionals who have come up with a fun way to combine the need to do good with the desire to network. We have many different events throughout the year and would love for you to join us!

Our goal is to invite young professionals to learn all about the amazing programs WIZO sponsors throughout Israel and to increase awareness of the many ways to help Israel.  Chairperson: Alexandra Silver



Boca chai BET

Boca Chai Bet chapter is a group of young women in their 20s to 40’s in Boca Raton and surrounding areas, with our members coming from as far South as Coral Springs and as far North as Boynton Beach – all are welcome! We aim to foster Jewish identity and leadership through a variety of educational, social and philanthropic events geared towards young women with a passion for strengthening the bond between Israel and American Jewry, and supporting the State of Israel and her Citizens.



We are a group of enthusiastic women in North Broward and South Palm Beach who have found a bond of sisterhood by joining forces to lend a vital hand in the operating of hundreds of education and welfare projects and services.

We come from Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca, Boynton Beach and Lauderdale by the Sea, and are interested in spreading awareness about WIZO. We are taking an active role and getting involved in supporting the women and children in Israel who benefit from WIZO programs. Chairperson: Brigitte Brandt




We are an established force within WIZO with a passion and love for Israel. We are a creative group of women with older children and a flexible lifestyle, some working full time while others can devote more hours to WIZO. Either way, we always unite perfectly to achieve amazing events and projects to support WIZO centers in Israel.

We reunite with and meet new friends by attending beautiful fundraisers to strengthen the bond within our group and to support our community at large. Chairperson: Regina Zinguer


We are three groups of young leaders who have taken it upon ourselves to have an early start to a charitable way of life! Many of us have participated in the WIZO Community Bat Mitzvah and now we are getting together to create fun and exciting events that will benefit the children in Israel. 

We have generous hearts and vivacious spirits and we are looking forward to the amazing events we will create and the positivism and generosity we will inspire in our peers. Chairperson Teens Club North: Natalie Esquenazi; Chairperson Teens Club South: Danelle Levi; Chairperson Teens Club West: Yardena Rubin


WIZO is now active on college campuses! It is imperative to our future to create an environment for young Jewish students to understand how important their role is to the future of American Jewry and the State of Israel. In hebrew, Nefesh means soul, and these future leaders will guide the way for the future generations.
Join Nefesh and become part of a movement on college campuses to create and inspire young Jewish leaders. Chairpersons: Natalie Landman & Nicole Toledano



We are WIZO Florida’s Original Chapter and we are still going strong and working hard to support the women and children of Israel. We are a group of active and involved women from Aventura to Miami Beach.

We are deeply committed to the WIZO cause and work enthusiastically to ensure the success of our events. Chairperson: Rebeca Schapiro




Simcha is full of enthusiasm and dynamism. We are a group of women in their 30s and early 40s that live and meet in the Broward area and are always ready to work for Eretz Israel. In Judaism, the name makes the person or the group. Our group is called Simcha, happiness. The only way of receiving Simcha is giving. That is why we are grateful to WIZO for giving us the opportunity and the joy of contributing to our happiness.

WIZO Simcha’s members come from different countries including: Venezuela, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Israel, and cover the southwest Broward area. Chairperson: Yael Cohen


We are a group of active and motivated young mothers who share a passion for Israel and for keeping our families and communities involved in the WIZO cause.

Yachad holds bimonthly meetings in the Aventura area. We are the group behind the ever-popular Rosh Hashana Bee Sweet gift campaign. Chairpersons: Annat Brown & Nora Joffe



We are an experienced group of women with a tremendous commitment to seeing an improvement in the lives of Israeli woman and children. We have created a diverse group of members who together puts together amazing events and dynamic fundraising programs. We strive to make WIZO a successful and effective organization. We help spread the WIZO cause and often represent WIZO at Community-wide events. 
Chairperson: Johana Abraham



Zorahat means to shine, and we excel at creating events that are fun for young families.

Our events are produced with our young children in mind and with the goal of sharing a love for tzedakah and a love fot Israel early in life. Many of the events are centered around the Jewish holidays, allowing the children to really enjoy and celebrate the Jewish holidays with friends. Chairpersons: Raquel Benasayag & Valerie Friedman