Five-Year Campaigns

Five-Year Campaigns

Donors who commit to these Campaigns, payable within five years, ensure that WIZO Florida Sponsored Projects continue to thrive and the main needs of the children, youth and women at WIZO centers, are fulfilled.

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Pledge $500 a year to begin, and WIZO Centers win!

Annual Gift of $500 for 5 years

In the most formative years of their development and personality, children receive much more than childcare in WIZO’s 183 Day Care and Multipurpose Centers countrywide. Over 15,000 babies and toddlers receive education, enrichment, emotional and developmental support by a group of professional educators and therapists. Each child is provided with comprehensive individual treatment, giving parents peace of mind and the freedom to work knowing that their toddlers are safe and are receiving the very best start in life. Beginners donors help WIZO provide the nurturing framework so crucial to children’s development.


Pledge $1000 a year to support children at risk.

Annual gift of $1,000 for 5 years

For children at high risk who have been exposed to neglect and abuse, WIZO provides both short and long-term protection and care. At the Emergency Frameworks and Foster Homes with parents dedicated to raising them within our Schools and Youth Villages, these children are given security, counselling, and support. Each has an individual rehabilitation program that addresses his/her physical and emotional trauma. First Steps donors ensure that at-risk children are provided with a safe haven where they can overcome the trauma and reach their full potential.


Pledge $1,500 a year, and give the gift of a bright future!

Annual gift of $1,500 for 5 years

Youth coming from dysfunctional and problematic environments, or who have immigrated to Israel without any family, are in dire need of a place to call home, where they feel safe and cared for. WIZO’s six Youth Villages specialize in taking disadvantaged youth, giving them a home, a safety net, and enabling them to learn on par with their peers from normative backgrounds. Each has a unique combination of areas of study and special projects, but they are all committed to providing students with as wide a variety of resources as possible in an effort to help them reach their academic and personal potential. Bright Futures donors contribute to enabling these young adults to develop into exemplary members of Israeli society.


Join this campaign and make dreams come true!

The Wall of Life located at the WIZO Ramat Gan Community Center acknowledges with a plaque in their name, all those donors who generously help build a strong foundation for happier, safer lives for women, children, and the elderly in Israel. Donors make a five-year commitment with an annual gift of $2,000 – $15,000. The Wall of Life consists of five giving levels:

Bronze, a total commitment of $10,000 payable within 5 years
Silver, a total commitment of $18,000 payable within 5 years
Gold, a total commitment of $36,000 payable within 5 years
Diamond, a total commitment of $54,000 payable within 5 years
Platinum, a total commitment of $75,000 payable within 5 years

Our Five-Year Campaigns are the heart of WIZO. They are the backbone of the organization and their success is tremendous! After completion of their pledge, donors receive beautiful awards at our Annual Opening Campaign Dinner.